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Bass shoes: how initiated its presence

Bass shoes: how initiated its presence

Bass shoes are worldwide known to contribute to being light –weight and flexible preferred to  be durable. These were first encountered in 1892 will the creation of the first bass shoes made from either the skin of the deer or a soft leather. Further, in 1924, considering the hard services bass shoes were manufacture given to be titled as ‘Bass Outdoor Footwear’.

The year of 1928 can be traced with the extent of bass boots worn during the tour to Antarctica. Then was seen the manufacturing of 1936 casual wear bass shoes called to be as ‘Weejuns’ in the year 1936 proceeding with the change in style to classic penny which were later in 1993 named to be as Leavitt Penny.

Top Bass Shoes making companies

Phillips-Van Heusen – The company launched ‘Bass Weejuns’ popularizing it in the year 1936 leading to acquire G.H Bass company in 1987 followed by acquiring other company brands simultaneously. Later in 2013, the G.H Bass company was sold to the AM Retail Group.

G.H. Bass & Co. – is an American footwear company established in the year 1876 starting to produce branded shoes with the partnership of E.P. Packard & Co. A few years later, the company progressed to work individually with the name ‘G.H. Bass & Co.’

Closing bass shoe companies ruined further manufacturing

These shoes were soon accounted to be as a fashion statement when first worn by James Dean, the Hollywood legend pairing the shoes with white T-shirt and folded denims.  The company situated  in Maine known to be producing the quality bass shoes has been shut down, making a lot of people recall of when the place was well known to be the king of shoe manufacturing.

This lead to further closing of other parent companies passing the manufacturing process to other shoes manufacturing companies in different areas leading to unemployment propelling the workers to be placed in other company departments such as accounts and IT.

Current bass shoes trends

The bass shoes are suitable for every occasion and can be worn at any place, be it the office or a night out the place. These are trendy, classy and easy to carry dealing tough tasks, making you feel comfortable. Being flexible and light in weight, the feet won’t feel heavy like in other shoe materials.

You can get a perfect desired look styling the pair of bass shoes with trousers, pants, jeans and every kind of lower wear along with shirts and funky T-shirts. These have been modified to be available in a variety of designs and shapes. Without spending much, you can easily follow the updated trends utilizing the look preferred everywhere. The bass brand being distributed to other footwear company aimed to continue the manufacturing through retail division.