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Casio protrek

Casio protrek

When you look at the watches which form part of the Casio Protrek collection, there are specific features and functionalities included in such watches which make them unique.

Protrek watch features

The watches of this collection are not designed for style but for those who are out conquering mountains and braving the extreme climate and terrain. The watches are equipped to be the ultimate companion of such travelers. If you wish to know more, iconic models of this collection are showcased below. Each watch is a specimen and includes unique features and functions which are not found in watches of the other collections.

Each watch of this collection is designed with advanced measurement technology incorporated in them. There are miniature sensors incorporated in such watches which monitor changes in natural phenomena such as weather changes, attitude and others.

Such a watch of this range includes slim style features along with a digital and analog combination. There is a high performance triple sensor mechanism included as well in all such watches.

With a screwed down case and a digital interface, this watch of the Casio Protrek collection includes several sensors which are typical of this collection. The LCD dial makes it easy to read even in the dark.

These are colorful variant models of the Casio Protrek collection which are popular. There are triple sensor mechanism, LCD dial and a digital interface of the watches which make them handy tools for excursions.

Most of the watches of the Protrek collection come with built in sensors such as those which help to measure direction and altitude. It is even possible to note changes in altitude at high speed with such a watch.