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Longines chronograph watch, a modernity to antiquity

Longines chronograph watch, a modernity to antiquity

If you are fond of heritage watches, then you are surely going to like Longines Chronograph watch because of its antiquity, yet mirror finish look. Though the complete body is not colored silver, still the band and the stitches have a unique antique look. Let us discuss in detail, about the technical specifications, which you should surely go through before purchasing it.

The shape is undoubtedly round, because the antique watches are popular with this shape. Thus, Longines Chronograph watch is also not an exception to that. The material is made from stainless steel, which ensures its resistance from rust.

The scratch resistant glass made from oxides keeps away extra light that keeps away additional reflection. The back side of the case is completely transparent and is provided with sapphire crystals. The dial has a dimension of 41 mm and is resistant to tremendous water pressure, which is equal to 3 bars.

Now, let us move on to the more of the technical details. The L688 winding mechanical wheel with copper oscillator provides 28000 vibrations in a single hour and thus the time displayed is completely accurate. The Longines Chronograph watch has hour, minute and second hand similar to other popular watches with smaller dials to provide even accurate timings.

The white lacquered polished color and the painted Arabic numerals on the dial improves visibility, while looking at the watch. The band is made from black alligator strips. The price is also made keeping your budget in mind. Thus, you can purchase a Longines Chronograph watch without worrying of your expense.