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Seiko coutura

Seiko coutura

If you are obsessed about the month, year functions and need a watch to tell all such features of time, it is wise to get hold of the Seiko Coutura watches. These are known to have distinct features which offer connoisseurs a blend of sophistication and style along with an advanced time technology.

Take a look at the Coutura watches

For those who are looking for fine time specimens, this collection is a must to see through. Here you will find several models of the Seiko Coutura range of watches which have elegant and distinct features. These will definitely be great for any man.

Seiko Coutura

This watch offers distinct chronograph features which show the alarm function as well as time in second and days. The date window is also distinct on the dial which is gold accented.

The gold accents on this Seiko Coutura watch sets off the sub dials on the dial featuring different movements and sub functions. It is a masterpiece to own.

The same gold accents as seen in the popular Seiko Coutura watches is found in this model as well with ion plating on the watch body without the steel casing and bracelet.

The shine of the steel bracelet of this Seiko Coutura watch is distinct. There are three sub dials as well as a date window and the watch has water resistant features as well.

With a standard Seiko Coutura watch as seen here, you will find three distinct sub functions – alarm, minutes and seconds as well as a date window on a screwed down watch case.

For those who would rather do away with the gold plating on the watch, this is a humble design in steel with a black dial. The different chronograph movements are distinct in the watch.

This Seiko Coutura watch is for those who travel between different time zones on a regular basis. The watch can set to different time zones as per the outer dial with the other sub functions present as well.