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Seiko skx007k2

Seiko skx007k2

Every watch brand launches distinct collection of watches for a target consumer segment. When a range of watches is successful, the watchmaker company may launch sub brands and product lines within a certain range to offer distinct features and novelties not found before.

About the Skx007k2 watches

The same is the case with the Seiko Skx007k2. This is one sub brand which belongs to the range of diver’s watches that the watch company offers. All the standard features of a diver’s watch are incorporated in these models as well and distinct chronograph movements as well. Take a look at the watch models highlighted below.

This watch from the Seiko Skx007k2 range of watches offers a large water resistance feature. The watch can survive water pressure upto 200 meters and has a hard glass case window.

When you look at the Seiko Skx007k2 watch models available as seen above there is a distinct chronograph feature as shown in the watch. The date window offers accurate measurement of day and date.

This image highlights the different features of a typical Seiko Skx007k2 watch. The corrugated bezel along with a black dial with luminous markers are typical features of such a watch.

Any Seiko Skx007k2 watch as seen above features luminous hour markers and dial hands. This is especially important when one needs to look at the watch underwater or in low light.

Every Seiko Skx007k2 watch as seen above is characterized by the large dial. It is meant for large wrists as the dial is then easily read, even in low light conditions.

When you look at this Seiko Skx007k2 watch you will see that it flaunts a water resistance of 200 meters. The bezel shows the elapsed time which is vital for diving expeditions.