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Sparkling look in the sequin prom dresses

Sparkling look in the sequin prom dresses

This prom season, girls are adopting a sparkling look. On the prom night, when light hit the dress, it glitters. When you dance on the floor, it really looks awesome. A sequin dress is nothing but some golden or silver works on a simple piece of cloth that make it look shiny and sparkling at the night.

The gold plated dress perhaps is one of the rich dresses which women are looking for. It can be categorized as a unique with the different design. Well, this is an explanation about one sequins dress, but there are oodles of varieties for everyone to attend the special day.

The color of sequins dress:

You may opt for a vibrant color like blue, red, black, purple. The glittered dress looks beautiful with the dark shade. It sparkles more than usual. On the other hand, the light shaded color also a good option to carry on the prom night, but it should flatter on your body.

All and all, the selection of the color should happen according to your personality and attitude, but most of designers recommend dark color with the sequin prom dresses. Strapless, slit cut attire coupled with the sparkling silver pencil heels and attractive danglers and an elegant necklace really look gorgeous.

Design of the sequins prom dresses:

The designs of the sequin prom dresses are endless. Girls tend to expose their skin near the busts, so there should be hardly a girl who carries a packed neck on the prom night. You can make a simple dress the sequin one by just draping a golden work strap on the waist.

The designs of these kinds of dresses can be of one shoulder, off shoulder or with different neck lines like v- shape, round shape. Well, if you still want to show off your body opts for a higher slit dress.

Now, select design from the bottom, firstly consider whether you want short length or a long length prom dress. Again, the selection should be done keeping in your body shape and size.


Sequin prom dresses demand many glittering accessories. Whatever you pick as your accessory, it should shine equally with your chosen dress. If your dress has sliver work, pick a pair of silver high heels also the matching big earrings. And if it carries the golden color, pick accordingly. Now, come to the make up, a light makeup is recommendable.

So, with sequin prom dresses and matching accessories wear a light shade make up with the elegant decoration on the eyes. Tie up you into a bun and arrange them casually, you can aldo leave your tracess open and allow them to touch your smooth and creamy shoulder.