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Sweat pants for men and woman

Sweat pants for men and woman

Sweat pants are casual and soft trousers which are worn either for athletic activities or simply for comfort. They are made up of cotton or polyester and have an elastic at the waist. They are mainly available in grey colour but nowadays a variety of colours are available in these pants. They are also known as jogging bottoms or tracksuit bottoms.


There are varieties of such pants for men. Some of them are: ASOS super skinny joggers in light grey colour, Puma cropped joggers with taping, Nike skinny track joggers, Hollister logo fleece sweat pants, Hollister logo graphic fleece sweat pants, Hollister contrast trim fleece sweat pants, Hollister banded fleece jogger pants, Nicce London Lux joggers, and Adidas superstar cuffed track pants.


Sweat pants for women are also available in various types. They are: New Flare pant, skinny cosy sweat pant, pocket original sweat pant, Roots salt and pepper original sweat pant, New gym pant and slim sport pant.


Fashion pants are made up of materials such as satin or velvet. They come in many colours and designs and also lack elastic bands at the ankle region.

Windpants are lighter and protect the person against cold wind. They are made up of polyester or nylon. They have zips on the ankle region allowing for the pant to be pulled over the shoes.

Tearaway pants come with snap fasteners along the length of both the legs.