Wednesday , July 10 2019
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Technology behind the best running shoes for men

Men….? Couldn’t decide which running shoes to buy? As per ace marathoner Andrew P Gerken, “The right running shoe is the one that feels the best”.

But that is not as simple as it sounds. With technological advancements, the options are in abundance. Once, we only knew about sports shoes, segregating it from school, formal or casuals. With time the variations have increased. Now in sports shoes, some are for running or walking, football, Baseball, tennis etc. There are running shoes for different terrains as well as different ones for men and women, since they are scientifically different. 100

Logically, the best running shoes for men should be light weight, absorb impacts to protect the knees and ankles and minimize the effort. More technically, the following should be the best characteristics of the best ones:

Cushioning and push back: The best running shoes for men, should absorb the impact from the steps, thus preventing knee injury. The sole of Adidas Ultra Boost has numerous pods of Thermoplastic polyeutherene, which not only converts the energy back for the next step, but also stays in the same form in different temperature conditions, thus providing same boost and flexibility in cold and hot conditions.

Ventillation: A very important characteristic. The technology in Adidas’s Climacool or Nike’s Vomero10, uses a flymesh on the outer area, which helps better breathability and cooling. 126

Upper flexibility: The flexibility of the upper part is as important as the sole. As the feet expands, when it impacts on the ground, the fixed upper part may result in blisters. The flexible Primeknit upper of the Ultraboost can expand and contract whenever needed thus providing added support as well as protection from bruises.