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Tennis shoes – what’s right and what’s not

Tennis shoes – what’s right and what’s not

You can’t just walk down to the tennis court in your usual shoes and play a game of tennis. At least, that’s not recommended. Firstly, it poses great health risk and increased chances of injury as well as it would cause sheer discomfort and restrict your movements. That’s the reason you need really tennis shoes. Good does not necessarily mean that you have to go by a brand name. There are lot of more important things to look out for.

What to consider when buying a tennis shoe?

Shoes are one thing that call for absolute comfort. You cannot compromise on that factor whether it’s a casual shoe you are looking for or a specific athletic one. Sports shoes need to be tremendously comfortable given the fact that you are not simply going to walk in them, but run and jump around constantly.

With so many different brands and variety available in a market these days, choosing the right pair of tennis shoes can get a bit tricky. Few pointers below should be helpful:

Light weight and good grip

Light weight shoes always provide an edge to your performance in the game when compared to the bulky ones. Simple reason being, they enable swift movements, without which you cannot really play good tennis, can you?

With those intense movements, chances of slipping or twisting your ankle increase highly. Hence, a firm grip is very important for the shoes. The sole of the shoe has to be made of a high quality material in order to fulfil this need.

Flexibility and durability

One other important aspect is flexibility. Try out various shoes, run and jump around a bit in them and you should have a fair idea if a shoe is flexible enough or not. A simple test could be to try and bend the shoes with your hands, and it should allow it without much effort.

Durability is the next factor you would want to take into consideration. Agree that wear and tear of the shoe is bound to happen while playing tennis due to the strenuous movements, but that does not mean you would require to get a new pair every few days. How many people can afford that? If the shoes are really not in a great condition, it’s of course not suggested to play in them for long and it increases chances of injury/accidents on the court.


Your feet need to breathe as well. This feature is more important for people who tend to sweat profusely. Constant sweaty feet could lead to infections which will unnecessarily force you to stay off the court for some time. Also, sweaty feet can get really smelly and lead to embarrassment.

Do some research, read some reviews, try on quite a few different brands and only then pick your tennis shoes because compromising on health is not an option.