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The ancient modern style statement: argyle sweaters

The ancient modern style statement: argyle sweaters

The Argyle pattern’s history can be followed back to the 17th century. The word is derived from the tartan of clan Campbell of Scotland, which was used to make fabrics of checker designs, especially socks. The argyle pattern comprises of diamonds and lozenges which gives an elegant appearance to the piece of textile. And because of its classic look, the Argyle knit works became trending fashion in Britain and then across the US.

Now a fashionable young blood cannot even think of a wardrobe without Argyle sweaters in it. The Argyle sweaters are mostly made out of wool because of its property to lock heat and provide warmth. Nowadays they are also made with mixture of cotton and other synthetic fibres to get enhanced properties.

One can find Argyle sweaters in different forms which are suitable for both men and women. Apart from the fact that they function as excellent sweaters, they also act as a beacon of class and elegance. Hence they find themselves in almost every preppy or classy wardrobe across the globe.

They become available to the customers in variety of styles. Even though they can be tucked in, people seldom do so since it would cut off the Argyle design.

The zipped or buttoned models are available along with those that can be pulled up from above. The sweaters also come as polo styled, hence the user need not wear a shirt inside the sweater. Argyle sweater vests are also popular among the fashion lovers for they can be worn over almost all kinds of shirts or slacks.

The Argyle sweaters have indeed made a statement, in fact a very strong one, in the fashion sector and will indeed continue to do so for years to come because of the comfort they provide and the elegance in their appearance.