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Time to flee (in style) leather weekend bag

Time to flee (in style) leather weekend bag

Finally! Another week has come to an end! The week that pushed you to the precipice and you were standing on a needle. You have two days to replenish your energy before you are thrown in the same fire of stress and work overload,again. You have two days to create memories that will bring a smile on your charming face when the world tries to kill you with all the seriousness. So, here’s what we have for you- a leather weekend bag. Pack it up and go away for the next couple of days.

What’s a leather weekend bag?

Honestly, I would be a little surprised if you ask me this question,but, I still need to tell you exactly what I’m talking about.

A leather weekend bag is a small suitcase which has space for your clothes and your accessories. Fill it up and carry it to the destination.

Why use a leather weekend bag?

Not only is a leather weekend bag small and is easily portable but it also comes with many pockets and compartments for shoes. It is hassle free. And leather weekend bags can be easily made into gym bags.

To top it all

Do you want heads to turn to look at you with admiration as you pass them donning,your vibrant attire and attitude? What goes better with all your smartness than a smart , comfortable bag? Nothing is my unrivalled,invincible bet.

A little information never hurt anyone.

In old times, Europe saw purses as only pouches to carry money and coins. They thought of only heavy suitcases and huge travel bags even for short distances. Also because technology and luxuries hadn’t advanced yet.

After the second world war, women started demanding purses of sizes that were appropriate for different uses. This,however,wasn’t the first sign of advancement in this area. It was first noticed after the Industrial Revolution that people started producing and demanding bags of different sizes and shapes that could be used for different purposes.

This was the first traces of what can be known as leather weekend bag. In 1980s, the modern leather weekend bags first came into popular use and have been in use ever since.

So, don’t say a no to life and all the troubles and all the fun. Don’t shake and shiver when you are asked to face the daily challenges of life. Remember, every time, life tries to scrape the lime out of your soul,you can always go back home; pack your glossy leather weekend bag and set off free and wild for a couple of days, always! Never ever let stress and depression get to you again. And all those who say that the world is small? Do the maths for them, it’s hell big. It’s big enough to take you all your life to really know people.