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Timex ironman

The Timex Group has been in the business of watchmaking from the nineteenth century. With centuries of watch making expertise, this company offers different lines of watches made for different customer segments. One such collection is the Timex Ironman collection.

Features of the Ironman collection

This range of watches is designed for athletes and sports professionals. Those who love to run for fitness or run professionally need to track their fitness parameters as well as speed, distance covered and so forth. All such features and more are incorporated in such watch models. Take a look at watches of this collection below.

This watch of the Ironman series is fit for those who run triathlons. Part of such a sub series, such watches can measure heart rate, have timer functions and other sensors besides showing the time.

This sporty watch model is part of the Triathlon series of Ironman collection. With bright hues of blue, white and yellow, it features the Indiglo technology as well as timer besides the digital clock.

As one can see from this model of the Ironman collection, date, time, timer, alarm and other functions are neatly integrated in this digital watch of the Ironman Triathlon collection.

This Timex watch of the Ironman Triathlon series has a fortified case with bright orange shades. The watch dial is bright, allowing the time, clock, alarm, timer and other functions to be seen easily.

This Timex Ironman watch offers a large digital interface with a luminous backdrop. The case and watch strap are in black, making it a handsome model to be owned by sports enthusiasts.

This Timex Ironman Triathlon watch not only records the number of laps but also the date, time and has water resistance properties, making it the perfect accessory for races that cover the land as well as water.

This grey design among the various Timex Ironman Triathlon watches will stand you in good stead when you are deciding to compete in races that cover both land and water as it offers versatile measurement functions.