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Timex kids watches

Timex is known to be a popular brand of watches which has separate watch designs for men, women and children. The watches for adults are divided into different ranges and so are some of the watches designed for kids.

Features of kids watches from Timex

If you opt for a kids watch from this brand, you will find colorful models which come for an affordable price range. Some watches are designed such that kids can learn to tell the time from such watches. Most have colorful motifs on the strap and watch dials to make them colorful accessories for the children.

This watch for kids from Time offer creepy, crawly creatures on the strap and on the watch dial case. The Indiglo technology is inbuilt in these watches to help kids learn to read the time.

For boys who would love a military designed watch, this digital watch would be a great buy. They can us the stopwatch function as well and have fun with this sturdy watch.

This is an elegant watch for elder children with a simple white dial set against a black nylon strap. Such watches are easy to read and can withstand drops and sudden movements.

The colorful watches from Timex are several as found in the two models shown above. These watches have colorful motif on the strap, watch dial and case and help children to tell the time.

Most of the watches from Timex for children come with interchangeable straps. This particular colorful watch in pink and purple will surely match with a girl’s colorful dresses.

There are different straps obtained with the watch models for kids that Timex offers. Here is a showcase of the different watch case designs and straps that are available for children.

This kids watch model shows how the minutes are also illustrated on the watch dial, making it easy for a child to learn how to tell the time in minutes and hours.